$500 SBS Magellan Circle Scholarship--open now and due by 11/1/16!

Dear SBS Undergraduate Students,

We encourage you to apply to the SBS Magellan Circle Scholarship!

Through the generous donations of Magellan Circle Members, the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) offers $500 Magellan Circle Scholarships to full-time SBS undergraduate majors enrolled during AY 16-17. You must be in good academic standing at the University of Arizona and making satisfactory progress toward your degree, and you must be able to demonstrate a documented level of financial need.

This scholarship is unique in that you will meet the donor at a mandatory breakfast  scheduled on Fall'16 Reading Day, which is December 8, 2016. This networking opportunity is one of the key benefits of this scholarship opportunity.

Go to Scholarship Universe for more details:  https://scholarshipuniverse.arizona.edu/SUHA/Scholarships

Here are our past winners: https://web.sbs.arizona.edu/magellan-circle-scholars

Recipients will be selected by a panel of SBS faculty, and they will evaluate both academic performance and financial need to determine winners.


All best,



Amy C. Kimme Hea, PhD

Associate Dean for Instruction

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Douglass Building, Room 200W

PO Box 210028

University of Arizona

Tucson, AZ 85721.0028


Deadline to apply: 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Opportunity for: 

Undergraduate Students

Opportunity Type: 

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences