COVID-19 Information

As we work together to battle the coronavirus, we will continue to offer safe instruction in the classroom. The American Indian Studies office(s) are open, and working in accordance with the guidelines recommended by CDC and the university, and we are continuing to provide student, staff, and faculty assistance. If you need further assistance we can be reached Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Mountain Standard Time at 520-626-8143, or by email to

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AIS Undergraduate Major and Minor: 

American Indian Studies

Christopher Cruz, Academic Advisor, BASC 404
(520) 621-7438,


Graduate Students
Graduate Students should meet with their faculty advisor/committee chair and the Graduate Program Coordinator, at least once each semester to keep paperwork up-to-date and monitor degree progress.  Please call 631-4222 to schedule an appointment with Professor, Melissa Tatum. 

Melissa Tatum, Research Professor of Law- Director of Graduate Studies:

Role of  Director of Graduate Studies:
With the support of the Graduate Program Coordinator, and other faculty members and staff, Professor Tatum advises students in the following areas:

  • Choosing focus areas for their course of study
  • Choosing a chair and members for their comprehensive exam, thesis, and dissertation committees
  • Identifying scholarships and fellowships and assisting in the application process
  • Locating and assisting with internship opportunities
  • Allocating of teaching assistantships and other student support services
  • Evaluating satisfactory degree progress
  • First Year Ph.D. Student Evaluation
  • Job searches, job applications, and practice interviews

In addition to working with students, the DGS also works to maintain and institute:

  • Compliance with Graduate College and University policies
  • Communication of Graduate College policies and procedures to students and faculty
  • Graduate curriculum, including proposals for dual degree, graduate certificates, and interdisciplinary graduate degrees
  • New technical programs to assist the program and to better serve students
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