AIS Undergraduate Major and Minor: 

American Indian Studies

Christopher Cruz, Academic Advisor, BASC 404
(520) 621-7438,


Graduate Students
Graduate Students should meet with their faculty advisor/committee chair and the Graduate Program Coordinator, at least once each semester to keep paperwork up-to-date and monitor degree progress.  Please call 631-4222 to schedule an appointment with Professor, Melissa Tatum. 

Melissa Tatum, Research Professor of Law- Director of Graduate Studies:

Role of  Director of Graduate Studies:
With the support of the Graduate Program Coordinator, and other faculty members and staff, Professor Tatum advises students in the following areas:

  • Choosing focus areas for their course of study
  • Choosing a chair and members for their comprehensive exam, thesis, and dissertation committees
  • Identifying scholarships and fellowships and assisting in the application process
  • Locating and assisting with internship opportunities
  • Allocating of teaching assistantships and other student support services
  • Evaluating satisfactory degree progress
  • First Year Ph.D. Student Evaluation
  • Job searches, job applications, and practice interviews

In addition to working with students, the DGS also works to maintain and institute:

  • Compliance with Graduate College and University policies
  • Communication of Graduate College policies and procedures to students and faculty
  • Graduate curriculum, including proposals for dual degree, graduate certificates, and interdisciplinary graduate degrees
  • New technical programs to assist the program and to better serve students
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