AIS Alumni Theses and Dissertations

Author Year Chair
Kestrel Smith Invisible Barriers to Higher Education in Indian Country: Standardized Testing 2018 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Mary Stoecklein Native American Mystery, Crime, and Detective Fiction 2017 Franci Washburn
Georgina Badoni Visual Expressions of Native Womanhood: Acknowledging the Past, Present, and Future 2017 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Melissa Blind "We just took care of each other": Exploring cultural understandings of neurological conditions 2017 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Jacelle Ramon-Sauberan Who is Dr. Bernard "Bunny" Fontana 2016 Ofelia Zepeda
Gregory Redhouse The university experiences of post-9/11 Native American veterans: Strategic support for inclusion, retention, and success 2016 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Gavin Healey American Indian graffiti muralism: Survivance and geosemiotic signposts in the American cityscape 2016 Ronald Trosper
Tatiana Degai "Iitənmən"—"the one who exists": Sociolinguistic life of the Itelmen in Kamchatka, Russia in the context of language loss and language revitalization 2016 Benedict Colombi
Elizabeth Shulterbrandt Pitzer College/WesternU's Native Youth to College Program: Curriculum Development in Urban Indian Education 2016 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Mikhelle Ross-Mulkey “Baby Veronica” & The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA): A Public’s Perception 2015 Eileen Luna-Firebaugh
Sherrie L. Stewart In Search of Johanaa’ei: Healing Through Story 2015 Franci Washburn
Gina D. Stuart-Richard Radical Cartographies: Relational Epistemologies and Principles for Successful Indigenous Cartographic Praxis 2015 Ben Colombi
Derwin B. Begay The Azee’ Bee Nahághá of Diné Nation: Strategic Planning & Management Strategies for the 21st Century 2015 Manley Begay
Michelle Boyer Indigenous Representations of Birthing and Mothering in Faces in the Moon, The Painted Drum, and Once Were Warriors 2015 Amy Fatzinger
Gabriela Maya Bernadett Native American Student Perceptions of Native American Student Affairs at The University of Arizona: What Can We Learn from the Population We Serve? 2015 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Danielle Hiraldo Indigenous self-government under state recognition: Comparing strategies in two cases 2015 Robert Hershey
Mark L.M. Blair Taking the Next Step: Promoting Native American Student Success in American Indian/Native American Studies Graduate Programs 2015 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Sean O'Meara Enduring trails: An internship with the Jicarilla Apache Nation Tribal Historic Preservation Office 2015 Benedict Colombi
Sunny Hegwood Maternal Health in Native America: A Secondary Analysis of Health Behaviors, Prior Well-being and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes, 2004-2011 2015 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Aresta Tsosie LaRusso Second Generation Navajo Relocatees: Inheriting Intergenerational Losses Due to P. L. 93-531 2015 Ronald Trosper


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences