AIS Alumni Theses and Dissertations

Author Year Chair
Michelle Boyer Indigenous Representations of Birthing and Mothering in Faces in the Moon, The Painted Drum, and Once Were Warriors 2015 Amy Fatzinger
PennElys Droz Biocultural Engineering Design for Indigenous Community Resilience 2014 Ben Colombi
Michael Simpson The Marshall Trilogy and Federal Indian Law in 21st Century High School U.S. History Textbooks: Progress (?) but Little Change 2014 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Kestrel Smith Tribal Colleges and Universities: Beacons of Hope, Sources of Native Pride 2014 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Lisa Palacios Traditions of Tohono O'odham Water Knowledge and the Historical and Archaeological Record 2014 Ben Colombi
Tarissa Spoonhunter The Blackfoot Confederacy Keepers of the Rocky Mountains 2014 Ben Colombi
Katherine E. Brooks Views on Collecting: Multiple Meanings and Perspectives Surrounding Lower Colorado River Yuman Women’s Beaded Capes 2014 Richard Stoffle
Matthew K. Tafoya Traditional Navajo Culture is a Protective Factor 2014 Richard Stoffle
Alisse Ali-Christie American Indian Collegiate Athletes: Accessing Education Through Sport 2013 Nancy Parezo
Rosemary Avila Space and Place: Indigenous Understandings and Western Perspectives 2013 Eileen Luna Firebaugh
Chandos Culleen The Hawaiian Constitution of 1840: Acquiescence to or Defiance of Euro-American Pacific Colonialism 2013 Robert A. Hershey
Delphine Red Shirt George Sword Warrior Narratives: A Study in the Processes of Composition of Oral Narrative 2013 Larry Evers
Jeffrey DaCosta Tohono O'odham Community College Art Department Strategic Plan and Curriculum Proposal 2013 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Joseph Quintana The Sharing of Stories by Cancer Survivors: Implications for American Indian Cancer Survivors 2013 Patrisia Gonzales
Ian D. Ellasante Bridges Between Me: Liminality, Authenticity, and Re/Integration in American Indian Literature 2013 Franci Washburn
John Francis Dillon As Stories Flow: The Character of Indian Water Rights and Authority in the Wind River and Klamath-Trinity Basins 2013 Franci Washburn
Gina Watkinson Tohono O'odham Basketry: An Enduring Tradition 2013 Nancy Parezo
Caroline "Charlie" Williams It’s Not a Beauty Pageant! An Examination of Leadership Development through Alaska Native Pageants 2013 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Cheryl Bennett Exploring Hate Crimes in Farmington, New Mexico 2013 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Martina Dawley An Analysis of Diversifying Museum Studies: American Indians in Conservation 2013 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences