AIS Alumni Theses and Dissertations

Author Year Chair
Martina Dawley An Analysis of Diversifying Museum Studies: American Indians in Conservation 2013 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Winoka R. Begay Apps, iPads and Language Learning: New Developments in the Field of Language Revitalization 2013 Sheilah Nicholas
Pamela Balogh Lenses of Indigenous Feminism: Digging Up the Roots of Western Patriarchy in Perma Red and Monkey Beach 2012 Franci Washburn
Kevin Fortuin American Indian High School Student Persistence and School Leaving: A Case Study of Sunnyside Unified School District #12 Student Schooling Experiences 2012 K. Tsianina Lomawaima
Dawn Williams Preservation and Sustainability of the Peyote Sacrament in Reverence of the Native American Church 2012 Benedict Colombi
Michelle Hale Devolution and the Navajo Nation: Strategies for local empowerment in three Navajo communities 2012 Stephen Cornell
Duncan Johns Reconnection to Gila River Akimel O'odham history and culture through development of a user-friendly O'odham writing method 2012 Ofelia Zepeda
Pamela Balogh Lenses of indigenous feminism: Digging up the roots of Western patriarchy in "Perma Red" and "Monkey Beach" 2012 Franci Washburn
Gina Stuart-Richard Re-imagining the landscape: Persistent ideologies and indelible marks upon the land 2012 T. J. Ferguson
Kevin Fortuin American Indian high school student persistence and school leaving: A case study of American Indian student school experiences 2012 K. Tsianina Lomawaima
Kathleen Van Vlack Puaxant tuvip: Powerlands Southern Paiute cultural landscapes and pilgrimage trails 2012 Richard Stoffle
Marinella Lentis Art education in American Indian boarding schools: Tool of assimilation, tool of resistance 2012 Nancy Parezo
Reuben Naranjo Jr. Hua A'aga: Basket Stories from the Field, the Tohono O'odham Community of A:L Pi'ichkin (Pitiquito), Sonora Mexico 2011 K. Tsianina Lomawaima
Edward Welch Distinctly Oscar Howe: Life, Art, Stories 2011 Larry Evers
Estefanita Calabaza Through Pueblo oral tradition and personal narrative: Following the Santo Domingan 'Good Path' 2011 Sheilah Nicholas
Dina Barajas The Marginalization of Zitkala-Sa and Wendy Rose 2010 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Jessica Metcalfe Native Designers of High Fashion: Expressing Identity, Creativity, and Tradition in Contemporary Customary Clothing Design 2010 Nancy Parezo
Michael Lerma Guided by the mountains: Exploring the efficacy of traditional and contemporary Dine governance 2010 Manley Begay
Mikhelle Lynn Ross-Mulkey Locating Resiliency & Survivance in the Cherokee Phoenix 2010 Eileen Luna Firebaugh
Sherrie Stewart Collage of Color in Silko’s Storyteller 2010 Larry Evers


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences