AIS Alumni Theses and Dissertations

Author Year Chair
Christina Weinzettle Proving the Applicability of the Theory of Regulation and the Economic Theory of Regulatory Constraint to American Indian Studies (AIS): A Case Study in Federal Indian Law and Policy 2010 Eileen Luna Firebaugh
Paul Barbone “We Were Recruited from The Warriors of Many Famous Nations,” Cultural Preservation: U. S. Army Western Apache Scouts, 1871-1947 2010 Roger L. Nichols
Leo Killsback The Chief’s Prophecy: The Destruction of ‘Original’ Cheyenne Leadership during ‘The Critical Era’ (1876-1935) 2010 Luci Tapahonso
Roland Marmon Last Card Played: A History of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa and the Ten Cent Treaty of 1892 2009 Franci Washburn
Christine Birong-Smith The Influence of Police Brutality on the American Indian Movement's Establishment in Minneapolis, 1968-1969 2009 Eileen Luna Firebaugh
Martina Dawley Indian Boarding School Tattoos Among Female American Indian Students (1960s-1970s): Phoenix Indian School, Santa Rosa Boarding School, Fort Wingate Boarding School 2009 K. Tsianina Lomawaima
Caroline "Charlie" Williams Their Way of Life: A Case Study of Leadership at Denali River Cabins & Kantishna Roadhouse 2009 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Ferlin Clark In becoming Sa'ah Naaghai Bik'eh Hozhoon: The historical challenges and triumphs of Dine College 2009 Manley Begay
Jesse Johnson Wakpa Waste Na Lakhotiyapi/ Good River and Lakhota Language: Immersion Works Best for the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe 2009 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Louellyn White Free to be Kanien'kehaka: A case study of educational self-determination at the Akwesasne Freedom School 2009 K. Tsianina Lomawaima
Judith Herbster Tohono O'odham Community College Curriculum Proposal for Associate's Degree and Certificate in Museum Studies 2008 Nancy Parezo
Anne Hendricks A Taxing Solution: New Revenue and Wealth Redistribution in Indian Country 2008 Benedict Colombi
Amy Fatzinger "Indians in the house": Revisiting American Indians in Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Little House" books 2008 Luci Tapahonso
Leah Carpenter Tracking the Land: Ojibwe Land Tenure and Acquisition at Grand Portage and Leech Lake 2008 Nancy Parezo
Billy J. Stratton Re)inscribing King Philip's War: Mary Rowlandson and the advent of the Indian captivity narrative 2008 Franci Washburn
Elaine Martina Abortion in South Dakota: The Stereotypes and The Changing Role of the Native American Woman 2008 Eileen Luna Firebaugh
Sheilah Nicholas Becoming "fully" Hopi: The role of the Hopi language in the contemporary lives of Hopi youth---A Hopi case study of language shift and vitality 2008 Emory Sekaquaptewa
Julie Hailer American Indian Youth Involvement in Urban Street Gangs: Invisible No More? 2008 Nancy Parezo
Sharon Milholland Native voices and native values in sacred landscapes management: Bridging the indigenous values gap on public lands through co-management policy 2008 Rob Williams
Robert Innes The Importance of Family Ties to Members of Cowessess First Nation 2007 K. Tsianina Lomawaima


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