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BA Law Double Major

BA Law with American Indian Studies Double Major Requirements – 39 units

The AIS degree requirements do not change (36 units required), but up to 6 units from AIS Law Concentration may count towards both AIS and Law Majors.

Overall GPA of 3.0 after 45 units, or minimum 3.0 in SGPP Core

SGPP/AIS Core: 12 units

Law Core: 12 units

Electives: 15 units (with minimum of 3 and up to 9 coming from SGPP and a minimum of 3 and up to 9 from LAW)


SGPP/AIS Core Courses (12 units)       

·       AIS 200                 Introduction to American Indian Studies

·       AIS 220                Contemporary American Indian Issues

·       POL 201                American National Government 

·       One of the following: POL 202, 203, 204 or 206        


Law Core Courses (12 units) (no prerequisite courses)

·       LAW 401                Procedure

·       LAW 402A             The American Common Law System I

·       LAW 402B             The American Common Law System II

·       LAW 404               The American Public Law System                                 


Electives (15 units)

Law majors must complete 15 units of select SGPP and LAW electives. Up to 6 units from the AIS list may count toward both the AIS and Law degrees.


LAW Electives

·        LAW 389 Sex, Race, Drugs & Power in the Supreme LAW 389 Sex, Race, Drugs & Power in the Supreme Court

·        LAW 407* Legal Analysis, Writing, and Research

·        LAW 450 Native American Law and Policy

·        LAW 451 Public International Law

·        LAW 452 Health Law

·        LAW 453 Immigration Law

·        LAW 454 Environmental Law and Policy

·        LAW 456 Family Law

·        LAW 457 Employment Law

·        LAW 458 Criminal Law

·        LAW 461 Legislative Analysis

·        LAW 493A Legal Internship

·        LAW 493H Honors Internship




*Under development

SGPP Electives

·        POL 309 The Judicial Process

·        POL/PHIL 324 Law and Morality

·        POL/PHIL 438 Philosophy of Law

·        POL 456 International Law

·        POL 458 Global Administrative Law

·        POL 469 Law and Social Change

·        POL 470 Constitutional Law: Federalism

·        POL 471 Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties

·        POL 476 Women and the Law   

·        POL 346 Growth, Inequality, and the Law

·        POL 393 Internship


AIS Electives

·        AIS 325 Business Law in Indian Country*

·        AIS 415 American Indians and the Urban Experience

·        AIS 434 Tribal Government

·        AIS 437A Native Nation Building*

·        AIS 475 Contemporary Federal Indian Policy*

·        AIS 484 Development of Federal Indian Policy*

·        AIS 485 American Indian Gaming

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