AIS 575 - Contemporary Federal Indian Policy

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Usually Offered: Spring
Course Description:

This course will examine the current legal and political relationship between the United States government and American Indian tribes and individual Indians. The social, political, and legal circumstances of American Indians will be considered through the examination of legislation, court cases, and policies of federal, state and local, and tribal governments. The course will consist of lectures, group, and individual analyses of pertinent court cases and federal legislation as they pertain to the subject for the week. Students will be required to brief all cases included in substance in the assigned reading, including all cases underlined in the syllabus. These briefs will be turned in on the day the material is discussed. Case briefs and the oral participation of students in the class discussion will be an important component of the class participation grade. An essential aspect of the course will be an oral presentation of a case by individual student presenters

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences