AIS 603 - Nation Building

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Usually Offered: Fall, Spring
Course Description:

This course will explore critical nation-building issues confronting indigenous peoples in North America, with a primary focus on Native peoples in the United States. The course will examine multi-dimensional settings that confront Native societies and their social, cultural, political, educational, and economic leaders. The issues to be analyzed, include: education (formal and informal) from both contemporary and historical contexts, economic development, culture and identity; and leadership and institution-building. Issues, concepts, and theories examined in the course will provide a basis for examining current Native institutions of self-government; assessing educational policies of federal, First Nation/tribal, and state/provincial governments; analyzing how to enhance the foundational capacities for effective governance and for strategic attacks on education, economic, and community development problems of Native nations; and augmenting leadership skills, knowledge, and abilities for nation-building. Course participants will link concepts of education and culture, with nation-building and leadership through readings, discussions, short assignments, and a final research paper.

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences