International Resources

Every year our program attracts applications from international students and scholars wishing to come and study/work in the American Indian Studies department.  Below are a few suggestions and tips that you may find useful through the process and while in the program.

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Office of International Student Program and Services
Joanne Lagasse-Long, Director
915 North Tyndall Avenue
P.O. Box 210441
Tucson, Arizona 85721
Tel: (520) 621-4627
Fax: (520)621-4069
Office Hours: 8:00-12:00, 1:00-5:00 Monday-Friday
Description: Admission (undergraduate and graduate) information, objectives, legal information, tax information, grants, general inquires and more for international students.

Office of International Faculty & Scholars
Dana Bleau, J.D., Director
Office of International Faculty and Scholars
935 N. Tyndall Avenue
P.O. Box 210513
Tucson, Arizona 85721
Tel: (520) 626-6289
Fax: (520) 621-2757
Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8:00-12:00, 1:00-5:00
Description: Visa information, Exchange vistor, temporary workers, permanent residence, forms, fees, legal information, tax information, and other resources.
Office of Study Abroad and Student Exchange
David Wright, Ph.D., Director
939 N. Tyndall Avenue
P.O. Box 210529
Tucson, Arizona 85721
Tel: (520) 626-9211
Fax: (520) 626-9004
Office Hours: 8:00-12:00, 1:00-5:00 Monday-Friday
Description: Program opportunities, advising, financial aid for study abroad, health and safety information, foreign student exchange, grants, and other information for general inquires.
Passport Acceptance Facility
1128 East Mabel Street
P.O. Box 210513
Tucson, Arizona 85721
Tel: 1.520.626.7161
Fax: 1.520.621.2757
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 9:00-5:00
Description: Passports, Passport renewal, fees, International ID cards, Grants.
Institute of International Education: Fulbright
Description: Resources for U.S. students, non-U.S. students, U.S. scholars, non-U.S. scholars, and foreign language teaching assistants.
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