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Research & Publications

Research and Publications

Cover Image of Anthropology and Climate Change Anthropology and Climate Change: From Encounters to Actions
Benedict Colombi

The first book to comprehensively assess anthropology’s engagement with climate change, this pioneering volume both maps out exciting... read more

Cover Image Resilience, Reciprocity and Ecological Economics: Northwest Coast Stustainability (Routledge Studies in Ecological Economics)
Ronald Trosper

How did one group of indigenous societies, on the Northwest Coast of North America, manage to... read more

Cover Image Stealing the Gila: the Pima agricultural economy and water deprivation, 1848-1921
David H. DeJong

By 1850 the Pima Indians of central Arizona had developed a strong and sustainable agricultural economy based on irrigation. As David H.... read more

Cover Image Dakota philosopher: Charles Eastman and American Indian thought
David Martinez

Charles Eastman (1858-1939) straddled two worlds in his life and writing. The author of "Indian Boyhood" was raised in the traditional... read more

Cover Image Navajo Sandpaintings (Revised)
Mark Bahti

Few art forms are more significant to Navajo religious beliefs than the sandpainting, or ... read more

Cover Image Indian blues : American Indians and the politics of music, 1879-1934
John W. Troutman

Troutman (history, U. of Louisiana, Lafayette) considers the politics of music on Indian... read more

Cover Image Navajo Courts and Navajo Common Law: A Tradition of Tribal Self-Governance
Raymond Austin

The Navajo Nation court system is the largest and most established tribal legal system in the... read more

Cover Image "If You Knew the Conditions:" A Chronicle of the Indian Medical Service and American Indian Health Care, 1908-1955
David H. DeJong

"If You Knew the Conditions" examines the inadequacies of the healthcare provided to American Indians by the Indian Medical Service. DeJong... read more

The Nez Perces in the Indian territory : Nimiipuu survival
J. Diane Pearson

In 1877, the Nez Perce tribe was exiled from their homeland in the Pacific Northwest to Indian Territory for eight years. Pearson (U. of... read more

Cover Image of Big Sycamore Stands Alone Big Sycamore Stands Alone: The Western Apaches, Aravaipa, and the Struggle for Place
Ian Record

The corner of Arizona encompassing Aravaipa Canyon is known to the Western Apaches as Aravaipa, their sacred homeland. This book examines... read more

Cover Image of Red Ink 14.1 Red Ink 14.1

Red Ink is a Native American, student-run publication at the University of Arizona. Established in 1989, Red Ink has published the works of... read more

Cover Image of The Osage Rose The Osage Rose
Tom Holm

Corrupt lawmen, insatiable businessmen, and an oil boom on Indian land. This is the milieu in which Tom Holm sets his gritty and provocative... read more

Cover Image of A radiant curve A Radiant Curve : Poems and Stories
Luci Tapahonso

In this sixth collection of stories and verse, award-winning writer Luci Tapahonso finds sacredness in everyday life. Viewing a sunset in a... read more

Cover Image of The American Indian The American Indian: Past and Present
Roger L. Nichols

Widely used in university courses on Native American history through five editions,The American Indian: Past and Present... read more

Cover Image Their Own Frontier: Women Intellectuals Re-Visioning the American West
Nancy Parezo

The writings of the American West have long dealt with masculine ideals. Well into the... read more

Cover Image of Anthropology goes to the fair Anthropology goes to the fair : the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition
Nancy Parezo

World’s fairs and industrial expositions constituted a phenomenally successful popular... read more

Cover Image of Collaboration in Archaeological Practice Collaboration in Archaeological Practice: Engaging Descendant Communities
T. J. Ferguson

In Collaboration in Archaeological Practice, prominent archaeologists reflect on their experiences collaborating with descendant communities... read more

Cover Image Silver and stone : profiles of American Indian jewelers
Mark Bahti

An intimate glimpse into the lives of American Indian jewelers. In interviews with more than 50 working jewelers, and featuring photographs... read more

Cover Image of Tribal Policing Tribal Policing: Asserting Sovereignty, Seeking Justice
Eileen Luna Firebaugh

What does it mean to be a tribal police officer? What are the complexities of that role? And how do tribal communities, tribal police... read more

Cover Image of Code talkers and warriors Code talkers and warriors : Native Americans and World War II
Tom Holm

"Code Talkers and Warriors", part of the insightful new "Landmark Events in Native American History" set, chronicles Native American life... read more


Author Year Chair
Michelle Boyer Indigenous Representations of Birthing and Mothering in Faces in the Moon, The Painted Drum, and Once Were Warriors 2015 Amy Fatzinger
Kestrel Smith Tribal Colleges and Universities: Beacons of Hope, Sources of Native Pride 2014 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Lisa Palacios Traditions of Tohono O'odham Water Knowledge and the Historical and Archaeological Record 2014 Ben Colombi
Tarissa Spoonhunter The Blackfoot Confederacy Keepers of the Rocky Mountains 2014 Ben Colombi
Katherine E. Brooks Views on Collecting: Multiple Meanings and Perspectives Surrounding Lower Colorado River Yuman Women’s Beaded Capes 2014 Richard Stoffle
Matthew K. Tafoya Traditional Navajo Culture is a Protective Factor 2014 Richard Stoffle
PennElys Droz Biocultural Engineering Design for Indigenous Community Resilience 2014 Ben Colombi
Michael Simpson The Marshall Trilogy and Federal Indian Law in 21st Century High School U.S. History Textbooks: Progress (?) but Little Change 2014 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Martina Dawley An Analysis of Diversifying Museum Studies: American Indians in Conservation 2013 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Winoka R. Begay Apps, iPads and Language Learning: New Developments in the Field of Language Revitalization 2013 Sheilah Nicholas
Mascha N. Gemein Multispecies Thinking from Alexander von Humboldt to Leslie Marmon Silko: Intercultural Communication Toward Cosmopolitics 2013 Larry Evers
Alisse Ali-Christie American Indian Collegiate Athletes: Accessing Education Through Sport 2013 Nancy Parezo
Chandos Culleen The Hawaiian Constitution of 1840: Acquiescence to or Defiance of Euro-American Pacific Colonialism 2013 Robert A. Hershey
Rosemary Avila Space and Place: Indigenous Understandings and Western Perspectives 2013 Eileen Luna Firebaugh
Jeffrey DaCosta Tohono O'odham Community College Art Department Strategic Plan and Curriculum Proposal 2013 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Delphine Red Shirt George Sword Warrior Narratives: A Study in the Processes of Composition of Oral Narrative 2013 Larry Evers
Ian D. Ellasante Bridges Between Me: Liminality, Authenticity, and Re/Integration in American Indian Literature 2013 Franci Washburn
John Francis Dillon As Stories Flow: The Character of Indian Water Rights and Authority in the Wind River and Klamath-Trinity Basins 2013 Franci Washburn
Joseph Quintana The Sharing of Stories by Cancer Survivors: Implications for American Indian Cancer Survivors 2013 Patrisia Gonzales
Caroline "Charlie" Williams It’s Not a Beauty Pageant! An Examination of Leadership Development through Alaska Native Pageants 2013 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox


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