Research & Publications

Research and Publications

Author Year Chair
William Michael Havens Colonialism, Manifest Destiny, and the Dynamics of the Expansion of the Navajo Nation 1995 Rob Williams
Victoria A. O. Smith (Jaimez) White eyes, red heart: Mixed-blood Indians in American history 1995 Jay Stauss
Whitney L. Anderson-Provost Watching, Remembering and Surviving: Native American Installation Artist 1995 Jay Stauss
Alice Loraine Brigham Indian Studies in the United States and Canada: A Comparative Overview 1995 Jay Stauss
Preston Parker Van Camp The Intent to Reserve Indian Water Rights: A Policy of Implications 1995 Rob Williams
Sandra Norberg Beecher A study of Native American images and representations in the works of Byrd Baylor 1995 Larry Evers
Rodney Franklin Sheets Six Urban Indians, Six Life Stories: Urban Indian Identities, Social Networks & Survival Strategies 1995 Ofelia Zepeda
Lori Kristina Hansen Environmental Risk Management Strategies for Ojibwa Communities 1995 Rob Williams
Bonnie L Bozarth The Presence of White Interests: A Case Study of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes' Attempts to Retrocede Public Law 280 Jurisdiction 1995 Rob Williams
Christopher John Pealer Contemporary Primitivism: Stories of attempted return 1995 Barbara Babcock
Marie-Anne E. Lovell Comanche Adaptions and the Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act 1995 Tom Holm
Ruth Rainwater Bad Medicine: The Effects of Federal Indian Policy on the Health Status of American Indians 1995 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Bethany Marie Leaman Visual purple: A context for cultural understanding through the visual arts 1994 Nancy Parezo
Jo Ann M. Di Giulio For the Benefit of Indian Peoples: An Analysis of Indian Land Consolidation Policy 1994 Rob Williams
Ari David Berk "To Kyngdoms Strange...'': An Examination of North American Indian Ethnographic Evidence in Richard Hakluyt's "Principal Navigations of the English Nation (1589)" 1994 Jay Stauss
Julia Marie Mason O'odham ki: The development of a theme residence and its effect on American Indian students 1994 Jay Stauss
David Martinez The Epiphany of the Earth 1993 Ofelia Zepeda
Bryan Armand Ulbrich The implementation of environmental policy on Indian lands: A case study on the Pueblo of Isleta 1993 David Wilkins
Raymond Carlos Nakai A coyote in the outer world 1993 Tom Holm
Elise Marubbio The edge of the abyss: Metamorphosis as reality in contemporary Native American literature 1993 Tom Holm


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