Research & Publications

Research and Publications

Author Year Chair
Bryan Armand Ulbrich The implementation of environmental policy on Indian lands: A case study on the Pueblo of Isleta 1993 David Wilkins
Vivian Juan-Saunders Tohono O'odham Constitution in Transition 1992 Tom Holm
Antonio Giovanni Idini Simon Ortiz' "Fight Back For the Sake of the People For the Sake of the Land": Italian Translation and Interpretive Essay 1992 Larry Evers
Grace M Boyne Cross-Cultural Communication: Perceptions on an Educational Institution by Urban and Traditional Indians 1992 Tom Holm
Carol Ann Nadjiwon Egalitarianism: A perspective from North American tribal society 1992 Tom Holm
Mary A. Stout Early Native American women writers: Pauline Johnson, Zitkala-Sa, Mourning Dove 1992 Larry Evers
Samuel Robert Cook Indian Self-Determination: A Comparative Analysis of Executive and Congressional Approaches to Contemporary Federal Indian Policy 1992 David Wilkins
Adam A. Geldreich The Role of Congressional Control in the Adjudication of Indian Claims in the United States Court of Claims 1992 Rob Williams
Philip Beaumont, Jr. One Man's Valiant Efforts to Negotiate for His Crow People: The Outcomes in Decades to Follow 1991 Robert K. Thomas
Michael Richard Morton Acculturation processes in Southern Ute high school students 1991 Tom Holm
Sheilah Nicholas Hopi education: A look at the history, the present, and the future 1991 Teresa McCarty
Earnie Lee Frost Dereliction of Duty: The Selling of the Cherokee Nation 1991 Tom Holm
Jean Margaret Kelley The Choctaw economy: Reciprocity in action 1991 Rob Williams
Thomas Andrew Green Irony and Indians: A Collection of Original Fiction 1991 Larry Evers
Phyllis A. Deery-Stanton The Indigenous International Diplomacy of Indian Territory 1991 Tom Holm
Bradley K. Veile Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (Public Law 93-638) from 1975 to 1989: A look at educational aspects 1991 Vine Deloria
Kevin Stanton Visitors to America in pre-Columbian time 1990 Vine Deloria
Glory Tacheenie-Campoy Collectors of Navajo rugs: An analysis and comparison of the Marjorie Merriweather Post and Washington Matthews Smithsonian Collection 1990 Ofelia Zepeda
David H. DeJong Friend or Foe? Education and the American Indian 1990 Vine Deloria
Mary Katharine Duffié The Talking Circle 1989 Ofelia Zepeda


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