Research & Publications

Research and Publications

Author Year Chair
Earnie Lee Frost Dereliction of Duty: The Selling of the Cherokee Nation 1991 Tom Holm
Jean Margaret Kelley The Choctaw economy: Reciprocity in action 1991 Rob Williams
Thomas Andrew Green Irony and Indians: A Collection of Original Fiction 1991 Larry Evers
Phyllis A. Deery-Stanton The Indigenous International Diplomacy of Indian Territory 1991 Tom Holm
Bradley K. Veile Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (Public Law 93-638) from 1975 to 1989: A look at educational aspects 1991 Vine Deloria
Kevin Stanton Visitors to America in pre-Columbian time 1990 Vine Deloria
Glory Tacheenie-Campoy Collectors of Navajo rugs: An analysis and comparison of the Marjorie Merriweather Post and Washington Matthews Smithsonian Collection 1990 Ofelia Zepeda
David H. DeJong Friend or Foe? Education and the American Indian 1990 Vine Deloria
Ronald Gene Ransom The tie that binds: The grandparent/grandchild relationship among the Lumbee Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina 1989 Ofelia Zepeda
Mary Katharine Duffié The Talking Circle 1989 Ofelia Zepeda
Angela Fehr Juvenile Delinquency on the Navajo Reservation 1989 Vine Deloria
Cheryl M. Kulas The impact of Indian education courses on the instruction of teachers in North Dakota 1989 Vine Deloria
Michael H. Guilfoyle Indians and Criminal Justice Administration: The Failure of the Criminal Justice System for the American Indian 1988 Vine Deloria
Maureen Hartle-Schutte Contemporary Usage of the Blessingway Ceremony for Navajo Births 1988 Ofelia Zepeda
Brigit Hans The Hawk is Hungry: An Annotated Anthology of D'Arcy McNickle’s Short Fiction 1986 Larry Evers
Karen Chinn (Ziegelman) Generational Politics and American Indian Youth Movements of the 1960S and 1970S (Fish-ine, Wounded Knee, Alcatraz) 1985 Tom Holm
Steve Andrew Pavlik Issues and Developments in Navajo Education During the McDonald Administration 1970-1978 1985 Vine Deloria
Richard Martin Wheelock Native Channels: Some American Indian Communications Strategies 1984 Larry Evers
Martha Dailey The Four Corners Franci Washburn


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