Research & Publications

Research and Publications

Author Year Chair
Kelly Anne Clarke New opportunities: The State-Recognized Tribes of North Carolina and the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act (NAHASDA) of 1996 1998 Eileen Luna Firebaugh
John Shiffer The Adaption and Complications of the Indian Reorganization Act Tribal Governments 1998 Rob Williams
Margaret A Mortensen Vaughan I relate to the sense of not belonging: Native American perspectives of homelessness 1998 Jay Stauss
Andrea Hemandez Holm Equinox 1998 N. Scott Momaday
Sean Michael Daley An Exploratory Study of the Correlations Between the Environment, Wellness, and Unwellness in Western Apache Culture 1998 Jennie Joe
Robert Allyn Stafford An Examination of Prejudice in Federal Indian Liquor Prohibition: "Matter of Heff" As a Case Study 1998 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
G. Kevin Locklear Political Readjustment of Lumbee Indian Veterans in Robeson County, North Carolina, 1941-1998 1998 Tom Holm
Susan G. Stevens The psychotherapeutic effects of American Indian traditions such as singing, drumming, dancing and storytelling 1998 Jay Stauss
Kenneth Mello Images That Injure: The Constructed "Indian" and Contemporary Native American Imagery in Film 1998 Tom Holm
Reva Mariah Salomina Gover Desert Moon, Prairie Stars 1997 Tom Holm
John W. Troutman The overlord of the savage world: Anthropology, the media, and the American Indian experience at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition 1997 Nancy Parezo
J. Diane Pearson The politics of disease: The Indian Vaccination Act, 1832 1997 Tom Holm
Marie Ann Parker The Hopi Craftsman Exhibition at the Museum of Northern Arizona: Only the finest in Hopi art 1997 K. Tsianina Lomawaima
Meaghan McLaughlin Native American Youth Gangs 1997 Jay Stauss
Matthew Daniel Chandler The Price of America's Internal Empire Battles and Casualties in the U.S. Native American Wars: 1790-1890 1997 Tom Holm
Traci L Morris-Carlsten Interpreting our own: Native peoples redefining museum education 1997 Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox
Michelle Idette Lee The evolution of the flower children and their respect for Native American people 1997 N. Scott Momaday
John M Shaw A Critical Historiography of Federal Indian Allotment Policy 1870-1900 1997 Tom Holm
Naomi Gabriela Salvador Maita (Schwartz) From the inside out: Shuc shungulla, one heart; shuc yuyailla, one thought; shuc causailla, one life 1997 Jay Stauss
Ronald Gene Ransom Project Phoenix: Utilizing a Frierean Model for Community Based Playwriting 1997 Tom Holm


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