Development of a Tohono O'odham Studies Program and Tohono O'odham Culture Curriculum for Tohono O'odham Community College, Tohono O'odham Indian Nation, Sells, AZ


This report deals with the work that was done at Tohono O'odham Community College (also called TOCC or the College) in regards to the development of the Tohono O'odham Studies Program (T.O. Studies Program) and corresponding Tohono O'odham Cultural Curriculum.

TOCC has made it a priority to focus on the development of the Tohono O'odham Studies Program. In this report, information about Tohono O'odham Community College is included, which is crucial to understanding how and why decisions were made in regards to the creation of this particular program. In this report, the reasons the Tohono O'odham Nation (from here on forward will be referred to as the Nation or TO Nation) feels establishing a TO Studies Program is needed will be identified. A description of the steps taken in respect to establishing the Tohono O'odham Studies program at TOCC will also be addressed. This report will also acknowledge what support was received to help develop the TO Studies Program. Description of other tribal studies programs researched in hopes of developing the Tohono O'odham Studies program will be shared as well as a list of the contributing factors needed for the development of the program. Other factors will also be labeled which ranges from compliancy issues with Pima Community College, to identifying possible TO Studies courses. This manuscript will serve as a method to document all that has had to be endured to get to the point the college is at in terms of implementing the T.O. Studies Program. This report will serve as a roadmap of the T.O. Studies Program from state to the point that the T.O. Studies Program exists.


Jose Cazares Jr.


Tom Holm





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