Envisioning a Better Urban Future: Indigenous Organizations Pursuing Economic, Social, Cultural and Community Development in Darwin, Australia and Tucson, USA

This thesis addresses the question of how urban Indigenous organizations pursue economic development and broadens the question to address issues of social, community and cultural development. It describes the results of primary research conducted with urban Indigenous organizations in Australia and the United States. The results are particularly applied to strategies pursued by the Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation in Darwin, Australia and the Tucson Indian Center in Tucson, United States, including the development of cultural centers and housing projects. A synthesis of relevant literature is used to analyze my results, drawing conclusions that relate to definitions of Indigenous personhood, terminologies to describe Indigenous development, the existence of vibrant urban Indigenous communities, and the applicability of reservation development models to the urban context. It concludes that the opportunities available to urban Indigenous organizations provide a tangible vision of a better urban future.


Peter Morris


James Hopkins





Arizona State Museum: 

M9791 M87e
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences