The Hopi Craftsman Exhibition at the Museum of Northern Arizona: Only the finest in Hopi art

Mary-Russell and Dr. Harold Colton, co-founders of the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff, opened the Hopi Craftsman Exhibition, a show of fine Hopi art, in July of 1930. Believing that traders' emphasis on mass production of tourist trinkets contributed to a decline in the quality of Hopi art, Mary-Russell determined to introduce the buying public to quality Hopi art, hoping this would stimulate better prices. Through the Hopi Craftsman Exhibition, Mary-Russell encouraged Hopi artists to use quality materials and sought ways to help them improve their techniques.

Throughout the years, the goals and logistics of the Hopi Craftsman Exhibition have changed to keep up with the ever-increasing interest in Hopi arts. Today, the Hopi Marketplace showcases quality Hopi art to a discerning public. Hopi artists appreciate the encouragement, exposure, and recognition the Hopi Craftsman Exhibition has given them and their art over the years.


Marie Ann Parker


K. Tsianina Lomawaima





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