Living with Arthritis: An Exploratory Study of Health Related Quality of Life Assessment of Yoeme Elders

As American Indians and Alaska Natives live longer, chronic diseases become an increasing threat to the growing populations of elders. One area of concern about chronic disease is that of arthritis and the limiting affect it poses on activities of daily living and quality of life for those with arthritis. The purpose of this exploratory study is to describe the Health Related Quality of life of Yoeme elders. The approach used was a questionnaire administered in a face to face interview.

The sample consisted of five Yoeme, Yaqui, elders who attend the Liogue Senior Center. The results indicate that for those interviewed, their daily activities are limited because of arthritis of the knees and hands. Pain is another factor that limits their activities of daily living. The elders are not sure if they can adequately manage their pain so that the pain does not interfere or limit their daily activities. Recommended interventions are also discussed.


Rebecca Akins


Jennie Joe





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