The Marginalization of Zitkala-Sa and Wendy Rose

The purpose of this research is to show how the Native American activists Zitkala-Sa and Wendy Rose, two women from different eras, were marginalized and how these experiences affected their personal and professional lives and activism. It is important to examine why and how these women were marginalized because of the scarce amount of research on the topic and on Native American women in general. Zitkala-Sa and Wendy Rose are examples of Native American women activists whose lives and activism have been affected by marginalization, and who have faced adversity, pushed against the margins and demanded justice for their people.

In order to conduct the research, primary and secondary works by and about these subjects were examined. The limitation of this study is that the literatures examined are writings by or about the authors. Interviews were not conducted; therefore the primary and secondary works were the main sources of analysis.



Dina Barajas


Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox






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