A People Who Continue to ‘Vanish’: Nipmuc People and Massachusetts Indian Policy, 1660-2004

This project has required me to conduct title research at various public registries in Massachusetts, such as the Worcester County Registries of Deeds and Probate, the Suffolk County Registry of Deeds, and the Massachusetts State Archives, as well as archival research at the American Antiquarian Society. Documents gathered as part of this project have contributed to a proliferating Nipmuc archive that is being compiled through the New England Native Preservation Trust, Inc. of Worcester, MA for such purposes as identifying and monitoring the disposition of sites and artifacts important to the history of Native peoples of central Massachusetts, and developing education programs designed to strengthen the understanding of Native Americans indigenous to central Massachusetts. Additionally, this research project intends to assist the work of Nipmuc scholars, thereby contributing to the growing field of American Indian Studies in the Northeast.


Christopher Thee


Nancy Parezo





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