Pitzer College/WesternU's Native Youth to College Program: Curriculum Development in Urban Indian Education

College preparatory programs like Pitzer College/WesternU's Native Youth to College Program provide a unique experience for Native high school youth - weaving tether academics and culture for student success. However, there exists a gap in the literature on curriculum development of Native-serving programs as Mack et al, (2012), Tierney and Hagedorn (2002) and others have noticed. Using Brayboy's TribalCrit (2005) as the guiding theory, qualitative interviews of program staff and analysis of internal program documents are conducted. Nine core curricular elements –academics, culture, media studies, college preparation, health careers, intergenerational mentorship, STEM, life skills & telling your story - are found to have developed within the program, providing a blueprint which Native educators and others can use in developing curriculum for their own college preparatory programs.


Elizabeth Shulterbrandt


Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox




College of Social and Behavioral Sciences