Playing the Game: The issues behind gaming for Indian economic development

This thesis focuses on the issues of Indian gaming as reported in Indian and non- Indian newspaper articles (1990-1997). First this thesis provides background information on the gambling industry in the United States, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and how it was developed, and Indian tribal sovereignty as it relates to gaming in Indian Country. The literature review discusses the issues and controversies of Indian gaming, economic development across Indian Country, and the use of gaming as a resource for Indian economic development. Finally, the newspaper articles address the issues associated with Indian gaming. Results show that issues in the Indian and non-Indian press are qualitatively similar, but differ in the way some issues are presented to the reader. It is important to understand that the monetary success of Indian gaming does not define Indian self-determination. While gaming effects a tribe's economic development, it also impacts a tribe's cultural dynamics.


Melissa Romano


Jay Stauss





Arizona State Museum: 

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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences