Revitalization of Navajo Language and Culture

The Navajo Nation's government continues to preserve Navajo language and culture. The Navajo people value their way of life, which is known as nihi 'ool 'iil in Navajo. The Navajo people believe that keeping things in order and balance will take an individual to a long prosperous healthy life. To address the importance of Navajo language and culture requires an understanding of how it has been adversely influenced by federal legislation and policies. This paper also will examine current Navajo education policies to determine the state of Navajo education and culture and language revitalization. Recently, a resolution was passed by the Navajo Nation Council called "Enactment of the Navajo Sovereignty in Education Act of 2005." The Educational Act reaffirms the commitment of the Navajo Nation to the education of the Navajo People, to continue to repeal obsolete language and to update and reorganize the existing language titles 10 and 2 of the Navajo Nation Code.


Cheryl Arviso


Robert Martin





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