A Study of American Indians Receiving Special Education Services in Arizona's Public School Districts and Charter School Corporations

This thesis examines how many Native children in the state of Arizona are receiving special education services; depending on the type of institution they attend including public schools on and off reservation, and charter schools. Since statistics and descriptive or evaluative information regarding this particular area of contemporary Indian education are extremely scarce or difficult to access, it would be most useful for Indigenous Nations and academia to have the beginnings of a solid foundation of information that is relevant to Native children, families, and parents on which to build more evaluative questions. This thesis intends to begin filling that void by providing concrete statistical information about Indian children in special education programs, comparing special education data from a subset of Arizona public school districts and charter school corporations to each other, and comparing the special education statistics from each cohort to Arizona's comprehensive special education data.


Sarah Welch


K. Tsianina Lomawaima





Arizona State Museum: 

M9791 W453
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences