Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advisor: Ann Samuelson

Fall 2019 is an exceptional semester.  Advising will be done this semester by Dr. Allison Ewing-Cooper, Assistant Director of SBS Advising.  You can schedule an appointment with her in the online scheduling software.

We use an online scheduling system for advising in AIS.  To schedule an appointment or view walk-in hours go to: Schedule   The system is easy to use and you can find a time that is convenient for you..  If you are not already a UA student, you can view the schedule and make an appointment by using the "Login without NetID account" option on the bottom left of the opening schedule page.  here


  • Declare the AIS Major or Minor
  • Graduation Requirements and Official Senior Degree Check
  • Transfer Course Evaluation
  • Academic Probation or Disqualification
  • Course Options

You can contact Dr. Ewing-Cooper at:

Her office is at:  Douglass 210

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Dr. Amy Fatzinger

Telephone: (520) 621-8440

Office:  Harvill 235B

Email: fatzinge@email.arizona.edu

Please email for an appointment


  • Awards and Scholarships
  • Careers Opportunities
  • Course Options
  • Engagement Opportunities
  • Graduate School and Professional School Preparation
  • Honors in American Indian Studies
  • Internships
  • Independent Study Opportunities




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