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About Jacelle Ramon-Sauberan

Jacelle Ramon-Sauberan is Tohono O'odham and from the San Xavier District. She is currently a Doctoral Candidate in American Indian Studies with a minor in Journalism. She serves as faculty within the Tohono O'odham Studies Program at Tohono O'odham Community College. Jacelle teaches Tohono O'odham History and Culture classes as well as a Tohono O'odham Food Systems class that she created during the 2021-2022 school year. She has served on the American Indian Studies Graduate Student Council as President and Vice President. She has also served all officer roles and a mentor role for the Tohono O'odham Student Association at the University of Arizona. Lastly, Jacelle is an information specialist for AURA/NOIRLab, closely working with Kitt Peak National Observatory. 

In May 2016, Jacelle earned her MA in American Indian Studies and wrote a biographical life history on the late Southwest anthropologist Dr. Bernard "Bunny" Fontana for her thesis. For her dissertation, Jacelle is writing about the history of land and water in the San Xavier District. 

Jacelle is a two-time graduate of the American Indian Journalism Institute, Chips Quinn Scholars Program for Diversity in Journalism and the New York Times Student Journalism Institute. She has written for news publications in Arizona, New Mexico, Washington State, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida and New York. She was a freelance journalist for Indian Country Today Media Network from 2009-2017.


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Contact Information

Jacelle Ramon-Sauberan
PhD Candidate and Faculty at Tohono O'odham Community College


2008: Associate of Arts from Pima Community College in Liberal Arts

2010: Bachelor of Arts from University of Arizona in Journalism with a minor in American Indian Studies

2016: Master of Arts from University of Arizona in American Indian Studies

Dissertation Title

History of Land and Water in San Xavier

Courses Taught

University of Arizona 

Fall 2018-Present: UA School of Journalism-Graduate Research Assistant 

Fall 2019 & Spring 2020: Jour 490F: Arizona-Sonora News-Podcasting-Mentor & Teaching Assistant

Fall 2017: AFAS/ENGL 377: Harlem Renissance- Graduate Teaching Assistant

2016-2017: AIS 1601A: Many Nations of Native American- Graduate Teaching Assistant

Tohono O'odham Community College

HIS 122: Tohono O'odham History & Culture I

HIS 125: Tohono O'odham History & Culture II 

TOC 150: Tohono O'odham Food Systems


San Xavier Education Center: Middle School Program 6th-8th grade

Summer 2019: Tohono O'odham History and Culture- Instructor

Summer 2017: Tohono O'odham History and Culture- Instructor

Summer 2016: Tohono O'odham History and Culture- Instructor

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences