AIS 348A - Educating Native Americans: Historic and Contemporary Perspectives

The history of Native American education reveals a struggle for power: Native communities fighting to retain or regain control over the education of their children. This course presents a survey of education, from the perspectives of Native educational theories and practices 'education BY Native peoples' and from the perspective of imposed systems of schooling, education developed FOR Native peoples.

We begin in the early colonial era and survey changes and continuities over time, concluding with current educational research and educational issues in Native America.

Along the way, we consider:

· Community-based systems of Indigenous education;

· Models of so-called 'appropriate education' developed by colonial nations (including the U.S.) for Indian people and children, as well as educational models developed for black Americans and immigrant populations.
For each educational system and model we examine, we will discuss (1) the philosophical background and development of theories and policies (2) educational practices, how theories/policies are implemented, and (3) American Indian experiences within, and responses to, varied educational settings.