Graduate Certificate in Renewable Natural Resources

The American Indian Studies Program (AIS), with assistance from the School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE), is offering an academic Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in the administration and management of American Indian natural resources. 

To obtain the certificate, students must complete a 12-unit program of study that includes core and thematic courses. The program is designed for students to begin in the fall and complete in one to two academic years. 

Students can complete the certificate in conjunction with a graduate or professional degree program or as a stand-alone certificate.

The goal of the certificate is to train graduate students and related professionals to be conversant with the problems of managing natural resources on American Indian reservations and off-reservation areas.

We have outstanding resource management programs, but we lack basic training for graduate or professional degree-seeking students who aim to work in the management and administration of Tribal natural resources.

Admission Requirements 

A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited institution is required for admission to the AIS Graduate Certificate in Renewable Natural Resources. The application procedure is a two-fold process with consideration by the department and by the UA Graduate College.

  • All non-AIS students must meet requirements of the graduate college and pay the graduate college application fee
  • Current AIS students, contact the Graduate Program Coordinator for direction

How to Apply

To apply, review the Graduate College’s requirements and sign into UA GradApp

All application material must be received on-line by October 15th or April 15th for admission to the following semester. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Required Application Materials

  1. Online application and fee (if you are not already a graduate student in the University of Arizona AIS program)
  2. Personal statement (1-3 pages) about your interest in the certificate program
  3. Electronic copies of Official Transcripts from all institutions attended (undergraduate and graduate). 
  4. A minimum 3.0 Grade Point Average based on a 4.0 scale is required for admission


The core curriculum is designed to offer students an opportunity to obtain a strong background in American Indian natural resources and management. Students will take one core course and select an additional course from the following list; additional courses may be used to satisfy thematic course requirements:

Additional Core Courses

Students must take at least one course from the following:

Thematic Course Requirements

Thematic courses consist of two 3-unit courses from the following list. Students may take courses from separate themes, or focus on one. Each area will provide the flexibility and range in producing and approving appropriate plans of study. 

  • Sustainability and cultures
  • Natural resource management
  • Law and policy
  • Business administration

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the Certification program, students will understand:

  • current natural resource and environmental issues affecting American Indian nations, and understand current issues affecting the administration and management of natural resources on tribal lands.

  • federal environmental and natural resource policies impacting American Indian tribal nations.

  • the relationship between American Indian peoples in the United States with federal, state, and local governments and agencies and the impact of those relationships upon contemporary issues affecting natural resources management.

  • basic Federal Indian law and policies in regards to the management of American Indian land and natural resources.

  • American Indian natural resources in the United States, especially the development and management of those resources for Native nations.


Completion of certificate requirements at the graduate level The certificate program is designed to be a post-baccalaureate experience. Transfer Course Work Students may transfer, from another accredited academic institution, up to three units of related graduate coursework to be applied to the Certificate. 

Transfer credit must be approved by the Executive Committee. Relationship between Certification and Graduate Degrees Students in the Certificate Program who wish to apply to a graduate degree program must follow the Graduate College and program admissions policies.

Minimum GPA required: Students must earn a letter grade of A or B in the curriculum and maintain a 3.0 GPA. No Pass/Fail grades are permitted.

Graduate Certificate Policies