AIS 452A - Mixed Media Stories: Stories in Text and Film

In Mixed Media Stories, we will study novels and short stories that have been transformed into feature films. The selected stories and films are diverse in terms of genre, place of origin, and intended audience. Stories include works by Indigenous writers from the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as several mainstream classic stories about Native people and issues. For each text and film pairing, we will begin by reading the text, then watch the film version for an opportunity to examine how the stories are changed/adapted to fit the audience and medium. We will explore changes in point of view, presentation of Native themes and issues, character development, stereotypes, etc.--and the implications of these changes. Through class discussions, assignments, and papers, students will have opportunities to develop their analytical, writing, and professional skills which may be applied to other areas of literary, film, and American Indian studies.