AIS 676 - Exploring Critical Issues in Native American Curriculum Development

This course will explore, for curriculum development purposes, critical educational issues confronting Indigenous peoples, with a primary focus on Native Americans in the United States. Attention will also be given to the educational experiences of Aboriginal peoples of Canada. The course will provide an overview of Indigenous education (formal and informal) from both contemporary and historical contexts. The course will analyze Indigenous educational philosophies; history of Native education; contemporary educational, cultural, identity, institutional, and leadership challenges facing Native peoples; and ideas of place, community, and culture in education for and about Native peoples. Issues, concepts, and theories examined in the course will provide a basis for developing curriculum; assessing educational policy; augmenting teaching strategies; and examining learning practices in elementary, secondary, and higher educational institutions. Course participants will link concepts of Indigenous ways of knowing and teaching, and context and culture through readings, discussions, short assignments, and a final paper or project.