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As we work together to battle the coronavirus, we will continue to offer safe instruction in the classroom. The American Indian Studies office(s) are open, and working in accordance with the guidelines recommended by CDC and the university, and we are continuing to provide student, staff, and faculty assistance. If you need further assistance we can be reached Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Mountain Standard Time at 520-626-8143, or by email to

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Double Majors

Double Majors

At the University of Arizona it is possible to combine two majors as part of a single Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. As an miltidisciplinary endeavor, American Indian Studies encourages student to think of this option. AIS allows students to use up to 9 units (3 courses) towards a second major, pending approval from the second major department. Students who chose to double major (complete two B.A. degrees) do not need a minor. The AIS core course requirements remain the same for the AIS major when it is combined with a second major.

AIS is in process of developing course paths to assist students who would like to pursue this option. At the moment one has been developed:

  • B.A. in Law (max 12 units of double dipping)

Expect more soon.

Remember, if you already are minoring in AIS, you can easily change to an AIS major. Contact the AIS Advisor Christopher Cruz,

Other Potential Double Majors

Students can double major in any other Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. Students who chose to double major (complete two B.A. degrees) do not need a minor.

Additional majors students might consider include: (max units of double dipping allowed)

  • Anthropology (6 units)
  • Creative Writing (9 units)
  • English (9 units)
  • Environmental Studies (6 units)
  • Gender and Women's Studies (6 units)
  • Geography (6 units)
  • History (9 units)
  • Latin American Studies (9 units)
  • Linguistics (6 units)
  • Mexican American Studies (9 units)
  • Religious Studies (9 units)
  • Sociology (6 units)
  • And many more

To learn more about Double Majors, please contact the AIS Advisor Christopher Cruz,

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences