Double Majors

At the University of Arizona it is possible to combine two majors as part of a single Bachelor of Arts degree. As an miltidisciplinaryu endeavor, American Indian Studies encourages student to think of this option.  AIS allows students to use two courses at the upper division level (6 unites) towards a second major with approval of that department, pending approval from the second major department. Students who chose the double major option do not need a minor field. The core course requirements remain the same for the AIS major when it is combined with a second major.

AIS is in process of developing course paths to assist students who would like to pursue this option. At the moment two have been developed:

  • law
  • anthropology

Expect more in the coming months.

Remember, if you already are minoring in AIS, you can easily develop a double major.


Interdisciplinary Studies Majors (ISD)

AIS does not have special programs for IDS students; they are encouraged to develop their own course of study. However, we encourage them to take the core courses listed under the minor. Please take care to have taken the lower division courses in before going on to more advanced 300 and 400 level classses.  A meeting with either the adacemic advisor or the Director of Undergraduate Studies i recommended to heklp you plan your program. Also visit the Center for Exploratory Students website for more information.

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences