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American Indian Studies (AIS) is committed to developing native-centered scholarship about the indigenous peoples of North America. Learning about the contemporary and historic ways of life, knowledge, and experience of American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian/First Nation communities, individuals and nations. An AIS undergraduate major provides students with a holistic, integrated, and analytical study of critical issues Native North America has faced in the past, and are currently facing in the present, as they strive to remain culturally autonomous peoples. Emphasis is given to Native peoples' political and legal relationships to external goverments and the general American and Canadian populations as well as to other native groups.



Students can email the AIS Advisor to declare the AIS Major.
AIS Advisor: Christopher Cruz
Students may book advising appointments with the AIS Advisor through the Trellis Advising website: http://student.trellis.arizona.edu/.



For students who started at UArizona in Fall 2021 and earlier: AIS B.A. - Full Grad Plan (2021).pdf

For students who started at UArizona in Fall 2022 and beyond: AIS B.A. - Full Grad Plan (2022).pdf



Up to three courses (9 units) can be double dipped with a 2nd major, as long as the other major agrees.

AIS is a fantastic option for a 2nd major. The major typically requires about 12 courses. Other majors that might pair well with AIS include: Anthropology, English, Environmental Studies, Geography, History, Law, Linguistics, Mexican American Studies, Sociology, and more.

Double use of courses between the AIS Major and a Minor in the same degree program is NOT permitted.



For students who started in Fall 2021 and earlier: General Education Chart - AIS B.A (2021 and earlier)

For students who started in Fall 2022 and beyond: General Education Chart - AIS B.A (2022 and beyond)

AIS 160A1 cannot be used in the AIS Major or AIS Minor.


AIS Department Courses
AIS 160A1 - Many Nations of Native America (for students who started in Fall 2022 and beyond only)
AIS 225 - Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
AIS 295A - American Indian Studies
AIS 336 - History and Philosophy of the Dine People
AIS 344 - Native Americans in Film*
AIS 348A - Educating Native Americans:  History and Contemporary Perspective
AIS 395A - American Indian Studies
AIS 403 - Globalization and Indigenous People*
AIS 415 - American Indians and the Urban Experience
AIS 426A - Principles of Indigenous Economics*
AIS 431A - Traditional Ecological Knowledge
AIS 434 - Tribal Government
AIS 437A - Nation-Building:  Issues of Leadership, Institution-Building, Governance, and Culture
AIS 441A - Natural Resource Management in Native Communities*
AIS 448 - Social Research with Indian Communities*
AIS 450 - American Indian Women
AIS 452A - Mixed Media Stories:  Stories in Text & Film*
AIS 465 - Tribal Colleges and Universities
AIS/ENGL 477 - Studies of Native American Literature
AIS 480 - Native American Warfare
AIS 485 - American Indian Gaming
AIS 490 - Indian Religions and Spirituality
AIS 498H - Honor’s Thesis*
* Writing Emphasis
AIS Cross-Listed Courses
AIS/LING 204A - Intermediate Navajo (3rd semester)
AIS/LING 204B - Intermediate Navajo (4th semester)
AIS/LING 210 - American Indian Languages
AIS/RELI 212 - Introduction to American Indian Religious Traditions
AIS/ENGL 278 - American Indian Literature
AIS/ENGL 279 - Oral Tradition
GEOG 312 - Native American Geography
AIS/ANTH 346 - Clovis to Coronado: Archaeology of the Southwest
AIS/ANTH 347 - Native Peoples of the Southwest
LAS/POL 356 - Indigenous Resistance in Latin America
HED 397C - Native Student Outreach, Access, and Resilency (SOAR)
LING 399 - Intermediate O'Odham (3rd semester)
LING 499 - Intermediate O'Odham (4th semester)
AIS/MAS 405 - Traditional Indian Medicine: Health, Healing and Well-being
AIS/RELI 407 - Religion, Spirituality, and the Sacred in Native North America*
AIS/ANTH 413 - Ethnology of the Southwest*
AIS/ANTH 418 - Southwest Land and Society
AIS/ANTH 421 - Ethnology of North America
AIS/ANTH 423 - Anthropology of Rural Mexico
AIS/ENGL 424 - Studies in Southwest Literature
AIS/LING 427 - Linguistics for Native American Communities
AIS/MAS 435 - Mexican Traditional Medicine: An Overview of Indigenous Curing Cultures
AIS/SOC 437 - Health of Indigenous Populations
AIS/LING 445A - Structure of Non-Western Language
AIS/ENGL 449 - Folklore
AIS/LAW 450A - Native American Law and Policy
FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact the AIS Advisor, Christopher Cruz at cbcruz75@arizona.edu 

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