Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements

Introduction to General Education

Complete 1 course - 1 unit

  • UNIV 101

English Composition

Complete one of the following groups:

  • ENGL 101 and ENGL 102 
  • ENGL 107 and ENGL 108 
  • ENGL 109H

Foundations Math

Complete one of the following, or higher math classes:

  • PHIL 110
  • LING 123
  • MATH 107
  • MATH 112

Second Language

Students must complete fourth-semester proficiency in a second language.

Exploring Perspectives

Complete 4 courses - 12 units

  • Artist
  • Humanist
  • Social Scientist
  • Natural Scientist

Building Connections

Complete 3 courses - 9 units

  • Building Connections #1
  • Building Connections #2
  • Building Connections #3

General Education Portfolio

Complete 1 course - 1 unit

  • UNIV 301

Major Requirements

A minimum of 39 units in AIS courses is required for the major. This includes 6 units of AIS Core I courses, 21 units of AIS Core II courses, and 12 units of AIS Elective courses. 18 units of AIS courses must be upper division (300-499 level) courses. The courses listed below can be used to complete the major in American Indian Studies.


AIS Major Checklist

Core I (6 units)

Complete two courses (6 units):

Core II (21 units)

Complete seven courses (21 units):

AIS Electives (12 units)

Complete four courses (12 units)

  • Any AIS 200-499 level courses. See the AIS B.A. degree plan (PDF) for full list of course options.

Other Information

Students may double dip up to 9 units of AIS credit with a second major/degree as long as the second major/degree agrees.

For information about double dipping rules with General Education requirements, contact the AIS Advisor.

Minor or Second Major

A minor or second major is required to complete this degree.