AIS Minor

The AIS minor is open to all students and can be used with almost any major on campus. It can be especially useful for individuals who plan to work for Native Nations so they can understand the unique sovereign relationship Indian Nations have with the federal government, and for individuals who would like to be culturally aware of the traditions and world views of the people with whom they will interact.


Declaring the AIS Minor

Any advisor can declare the AIS minor, please email the AIS advisor so the student can be added to the AIS listserv. 

Students can also email the AIS Advisor to declare the AIS Minor.
AIS Advisor: Christopher Cruz

Students may book advising appointments with the AIS Advisor through the Trellis Advising website:


AIS Minor Requirements

18 total units required. A minimum of 9 units must be upper division (UD = 300-499 level).
Minimum 2.00 GPA required. 
See the AIS Minor - Checklist (Word Doc).

AIS Minor Core I: (6 units) – Take TWO

  • AIS 200 – Introduction to American Indian Studies
  • AIS 220 – Contemporary Indian America

AIS Minor Core II: (6 UD units) – Choose TWO

  • AIS 336 - History and Philosophy of the Dine People
  • AIS 344 - Native Americans in Film*
  • AIS 348A - Educating Native Americans: History and Contemporary Perspective
  • AIS 393 - Internship
  • AIS 395A - American Indian Studies
  • AIS 403 - Globalization and Indigenous People*
  • AIS 415 - American Indians and the Urban Experience
  • AIS 426A - Principles of Indigenous Economics*
  • AIS 431A - Traditional Ecological Knowledge
  • AIS 434 - Tribal Government
  • AIS 437A - Nation-Building: Issues of Leadership, Institution-Building, Governance, and Culture
  • AIS 441A - Natural Resource Management in Native Communities*
  • AIS 448 - Social Research with Indian Communities*
  • AIS 450 - American Indian Women
  • AIS 452A - Mixed Media Stories: Stories in Text & Film*
  • AIS 465 - Tribal Colleges and Universities
  • AIS 480 - Native American Warfare
  • AIS 485 - American Indian Gaming
  • AIS 490 - Indian Religions and Spirituality
  • AIS 493 - Internship
  • AIS 495A - American Indian Studies
  • AIS 498H - Honor’s Thesis*
    * Writing Emphasis

AIS Minor Electives: (6 units / minimum 3 UD units) – Choose TWO

  • Any AIS 300-499 level. (3 UD units)
  • Any AIS 200-499 level. (3 LD/UD units)

Double Use of Minor Coursework:

AIS Minor courses may NOT be shared with any other major/minor. 
Up to two courses (6 units) used to fulfill Tier 2 requirements can be shared with the AIS minor.


Any questions? Please contact the AIS Advisor, Christopher Cruz,
See the AIS Minor - Checklist (Word Doc).

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