First BA Graduate!--Maria Lourdes Escalante (Yaqui)

Focus on Alumni Special Edition: Maria Lourdes Escalante (Yaqui)

Congratulations to Lourdes for becoming the very first graduate of the new AIS BA program. She graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in Political Science and a Bachelor's of Arts in American Indian Studies this December of 2015. She is photographed with Dean John Paul Jones III, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (left) and Professor Ron Trosper (Salish/Kootenai), American Indian Studies (right).

Here is a short excerpt from her bio: Raised in South Tucson, Arizona, and through the encouragement of my grade school teachers, I have diligently challenged myself academically as a Native American female from a low socioeconomic status and environment. Upon transferring to the University of Arizona from Pima Community College (Tucson, AZ), I discovered that there is potential to reach beyond an undergraduate education. I now intend to pursue the concurrent Law Degree and Master's in American Indian Studies (JD/MA) program. I hope to apply later this year in the winter.



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12/22/2015 - 8:15am

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