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Undergraduate Minor

American Indian Studies (AIS) is committed to developing Native-centered scholarship.  The contemporary and historic ways of life, knowledge, and experiences of American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian/First Nation communities and individuals are fundamental to AIS.  An AIS undergraduate minor provides students with a holistic, integrated, and analytical study of critical issues facing Native North America in the past, present, and future and their political relationship to external governments. The minor plan of study focuses on fundamental AIS topics based on the discipline’s interdisciplinary strengths:

  • Sovereignty: The study of the history, politics, laws, comparative political systems, colonialism, and core issues of Native self-determination and self-government from a political perspective with an emphasis on Nation-building and on the context within which tribal Nations operate, and their interrelationships with other government structures, especially states.
  • Diversity:  The study of dynamic processes of cultural exchange and social interaction among Native societies and with other Nations and the development of values of cultural awareness, self-awareness, and respect for self and others.
  • Native Voices:  The study of Native oral traditions, literatures, languages, and arts found in both historic and contemporary contexts; the study of creative expressions from humanistic and Indigenous perspectives.
  • Indigenous Knowledge: The study of all aspects of knowledge developed by Native societies including science, technology, environmental understanding, philosophical principles, epistemologies, ethics, ways of interpreting the world, and sense of self and community, including traditional knowledge and sacred histories to the degree deemed appropriate for expression in transcultural situations.

The AIS minor is open to all students and can be used with almost any major on campus. It can be especially useful for individuals who plan to work for Native Nations so they can understand the unique sovereign relationship Indian Nations have with the federal government, and for individuals who would like to be culturally aware of the traditions and world views of the people with whom they will interact.

Definition of a minor

A minimum of 18 units in AIS courses is required for the minor. This includes 12 units of core courses and 6 units of elective courses. Nine (9) units must be in upper division (300-400 level) courses. The coursee listed below are can be used to complete the minor in American Indian Studies.

Declaring an AIS Minor:  Contact the academic advisor for your major to declare an official minor in AIS or Ann Samuelson, AIS Undergraduate Academic Advisor in Haury Anthropology Bldg. for more information, or 520-626-6027.

CORE COURSEWORK 1 (minimum 6 units):

COURSE NUMBER             COURSE TITLE                                          TOTAL UNITS

AIS 200

 Introduction to American Indian Studies                                     3

AIS 220

 Contemporary Indian America                                                    3


CORE COURSEWORK 2 (minimum 6 units):

COURSE NUMBER             COURSE TITLE                                          TOTAL UNITS

AIS 336      

 History and Philosophy of the Diné People                                3

AIS 344   

 Native Americans in Film                                                            3

AIS 434

 Tribal Governments                                                                    3

AIS 450

 American Indian Women                                                            3

AIS 480

 Native American Warfare                                                            3

AIS 490

 Indian Religions and Spirituality                                                  3


PLEASE NOTE:  The Following Sections Are Being Revised!!!


[Each of these courses, if not counted as a core course, may be used as an elective course under part 2]


AIS 336                                   History and Philosophy of the Diné People                               3

AIS 344                                   Native Americans in Film                                                            3

AIS 348A                                Native American Education                                                         3

AIS 434                                   Tribal Governments                                                                     3

AIS 441A                                Natural Resource Management                                                    3

AIS 452                                   Mixed Media Storytelling                                                            3

AIS 450                                   American Indian Women                                                             3

AIS 485                                   American Indian Gaming                                                             3



COURSE NUMBER                              TITLE

LING/AIS 102            Linguistics for Native American Communities

LING/AIS 104A/B                  Beginning Navajo                                 

LING/AIS 210            Native Language North America

AIS 197A/B                            Native American Student Success

AIS 199                                   Independent Study

LING/AIS 204A/B                  Elementary Navajo Language

ENGL/AIS 248A/B                Introduction to Folklore

ENGL/AIS 279                       Oral Tradition

AIS 299                                   Independent Study

LING/AIS 307A/B                  Elem. Tohono O’odham Language        

LRC/AIS 330A                       Interpreting Native Cultures: Museum Education

ANTH/AIS 346                       Clovis to Coronado: Archeology of the Southwest

ANTH/AIS 347                       Native Peoples of the Southwest

AIS 395                                   American Indian Studies Colloquium

AIS 399                                   Independent Study

ANTH/AIS 413                       Ethnology of the Southwest

AIS/ANTH 415                       American Indians & the Urban Experience

ANTH/AIS 418                       Southwest Land and Society

ANTH/AIS 421                       Ethnology of North America

ENGL/AIS 424                       Studies in Southwest Literature

AIS 426                                   Principles of Indigenous Economics

AIS 431                                   Traditional Ecological Knowledge

AIS/MAS 435                         Mexican Traditional Medicine

AIS 441A                                Natural Resource Management in Native Communities

LING/AIS 445A                     Structures of Non-Western Language

AIS 448                                   Research in American Indian Communities

ENGL/AIS 449                       Folklore

AIS 452                                   Mixed Media Stories

ENGL/AIS 477                       American Indian Literature

ANTH/AIS 489                       Area Survey of Native North American Languages

AIS 493                                   Internship

AIS 495A                                American Indian Studies Seminar

AIS 499                                   Independent Study



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